We provide homeowners in the greater Seattle area rental management and leasing services. We specialize in rental homes, condominium units, town homes, and small apartment buildings.

Management Services

  • Timely Rent Collection
  • Repairs & Maintenance Coordination
  • Tenant Communication
  • Comprehensive Interior & Exterior Inspections
  • Negotiate Lease Renewals & Rent Increases
  • Facilitate Tenant Turn Overs
  • Timely Disbursement of Financial Statements & Funds

       Fee: 10% of the Monthly Rent

Modern town houses of brick and glass on urban street

Leasing Services

  • Initial Property Inspection
  • Recommendations Regarding Improvements
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Expansive Marketing Program
  • Tenant Showings
  • Comprehensive Screenings
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Completion of Concise Property Condition Report
  • Exchange of Funds & Keys

       Fee: One Month’s Rent

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